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Because your clients needcomprehensivereliablesecureBill Payment and Personal Bookkeeping Services.
High net worth and ultra-high net worth clients have increasingly complicated financial lives that make bill payment and personal bookkeeping more challenging and time consuming than ever. They are seeking these services from their existing financial service providers, which creates both an opportunity and a problem for firms such as yours.


Clients receive many benefits from using a professional service to manage their bill payment and personal bookkeeping chores, including the following:


Our Services

While you enjoy volume-based, flat rate pricing across our three service levels; your clients will appreciate the distribution of risk and appropriate allocation of our resources to fit their needs. It’s a win-win.

Bill Payment

Provide these services to clients who just need the bills paid

Direct receipt of bills and invoices
Review of past-due balances
Writing the monthly checks
Making electronic payments
Bank account reconciliation
Detailed month-end transaction reports
Quarterly and annual summaries of all payments

Personal Bookkeeping

In addition to Bill Payment offerings, provide these more in-depth offerings

Recording all payments made on client’s behalf
Posting any checks written from personal accounts
Recording charitable contributions, gifting, and other tax items
Downloading and categorizing all credit card transactions
Coordination with your firm as well as tax accountants
Detailed month-end transaction reports
Quarterly and annual cash flow reporting and summaries of all payments

Concierge Services

This custom-tailored suite of tasks works in conjunction with our core services
Domestic payroll services
Irrevocable Life Insurance (ILIT) adminstration
Customized reporting
Medical claims processing
Non-resident property owners
Statement of assets
Document storage

Why Us?

My Accountant, Inc. has continually proven to be an industry leader and an ideal strategic partner for Bill Pay and Personal Bookkeeping in the following ways:
  • We have been in business for over 30 years, with a majority of that time being focused exclusively on Bill Pay and Personal Bookkeeping for clients throughout the US and overseas.
  • Our client base is made up of HNW and UNHW individuals similar to your clients.
  • We have spent decades refining the Bill Pay and Personal Bookkeeping process. We have developed award winning systems and technologies that allow for a seamless transition, and that create a secure, efficient, and scalable approach to a deceptively complex task.
  • Excellent customer satisfaction: Once clients sign up for our services they stick around. We can proudly say that we have had many of our current clients for decades.
  • Bank level data security. All client data is encrypted and housed in SSAE16 (formerly SAS 70) certified data centers, with offsite, redundant, daily backups.
  • We have developed unparalleled trust in the industry through ongoing, strong, long-term relationships with major service providers in the financial management, accounting, and private banking sectors.
  • Since we focus primarily on Bill Pay and Personal bookkeeping, we do not compete with your firm in any other financial management areas.
  • We utilize a team approach, with multiple people involved in each client relationship we build added security and a redundancy of knowledge.
  • Our employees have vast experience with personal financial management. With an average tenure of 9 years, and an output of nearly 7,000 payments per month, they are capable of handling any challenge that presents itself.
  • We use a balanced approach of automation and human oversight, maximizing the benefits of each to provide an unparalleled Bill Pay solution. HNW families are beginning to expect Bill Pay to be an integral part of a holistic financial management approach. Your firm has an opportunity to maintain its well-deserved reputation as an industry leader by implementing an award winning, time tested, secure, and scalable solution to bill pay.

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High net worth and ultra-high net worth families expect exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of their lives, and their financial management is no exception. Partner with My Accountant, Inc. because knowledge is power.